Everyone has their favorite lure - it's the one that gets an extra-tight knot, and it's the go-to bait when the bite is slow. Below are some of the most popular hard baits and ones that we recommend in our book.

Bill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap®
Bill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap¨

- America's #1 Selling Lure
- Ideal For Surf Casting And
 Inland Bays
- Will Catch Trout, Stripers,
 Snook, And Other Saltwater

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Rooster Tail® Spinners
Warden's¨ Original Rooster Tail¨ Spinners

- One Of The Most Productive
 Lures Ever Invented
- Spinning Blade And Pulsating
 Hackle Tail Is Irresistable To
- Used Successfully For Trout,
 Bass, Pike, And Other Gamefish

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Rapala® Jointed Shad Rap®
Rapala ¨ Jointed Shad Rap ¨

- "Distressed Minnow" Action
- Captures Attention Of Warier
- Suited To The Slowest Possible
 Rate Of Retrieve

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Storm® Wiggle Wart®
Storm¨ Wiggle Wart¨

- Fish Catching Actions And Depth
 Ranges For Any Crankbait
- Hook Size #5.3", 3/8 Oz.
 Dives 7' To 10'

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Bagley's Bang-O-Lures

Bandit® Crankbaits - Footloose Series

Bass Pro Shops
Enticer Pro Series Rattling Jigs

Bill Norman
Professional Edge Suspend + 4 Deep Little N
Original Bill Norman Crankbait - Deep Diver 14

Suspending Fat Free Shad Series
Rebel¨ Excalibur Super Pop-R¨ Lures
Spit'n Image Lures

Heddon ® Painted Spooks ®

Rattlin' Rapala Lures

Smithwick ® Mark Menendez Signature Rattlin' Rogue®

Strike King
Premier™ Pro-Model¨ Crankbaits
Bitsy Flippin' Jigs
Premier Elite Jigs

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