Lake Oconee Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports
August 2003

August 11, 2003

Water temperature: 84-86°F

Water up the rivers down to Sugar Creek is fairly stained to muddy. The main lake down toward the dam is a much better color.

The morning topwater bite is still barely working. It will only last a few short minutes after sunrise. Try a small tiny torpedo or pop-r around rip raps at bridges. The shad have hatched out and are very small. You need a bait to match their small size. Even a small 1/4 oz white rooster tail will catch some good bass in these areas, just expect to catch some hybrids on it also. After the sun gets out on the water, you have one option. Get on the main lake points and channel ledges with a carolina rig. You can throw big crankbaits like a Manns 20+ or DD22 and pick up a few if water is moving. On the carolina rig use a 3/4 oz lead and a long 3-4 foot leader with a junebuig worm in stained water and watermelon worm in clearer water. Sometimes a bigger fish can be caught using a bigger bait like a big Zoom brush hog or magnum lizard.

These fishing reports were prepared by Aaron Batson and Jerry Whitlock from current personal fishing trips on Lake Oconee. Copyright © 2002-2005

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