Aaron Batson is the working man's largemouth bass fisherman. His main focus is putting fish in the boat. He has documented all of his fishing trips on Lake Oconee over the last several years. That information makes up the week-by-week chronicle you will find in the book "How To Catch Largemouth Bass On Lake Oconee...All Year Round". It is well worth the money.

Aaron has perfected fishing methods that have worked to help him to help him win countless bass tournaments. He has a reputation of a no nonsense fisherman. When he walks up at weigh-in time at a bass tournament, everybody stops and looks. Georgia Outdoor News has featured him in several magazine issues as well as TV shows. They know Aaron can catch bass in any situation.

We interviewed Aaron and asked him some questions about himself, his family and his fishing. Here's what he said:

Q: Aaron, how old are you?
A: 27

Q: How long have you been fishing?
A: All my life - since I was old enough to walk. I have been fishing Oconee since I was a kid with my father and grandfather, actually began by working from the banks in Sandy Creek and Double Branches. They taught me how to fish.

Q: Tell us about your family.
A: I've been married for 8 years to my wife Leigh. We live in Covington, GA. I have a son, Blake, 7 and a daughter, Claire, 4. My boy has been fishing farm ponds with me for quite a while, but has now began to go to the lake with me some on practice days and is very good with a Zebco 33 reel and a lavender shad Normans DLN.

Q: What kind of boat do you use and what equipment do you have onboard?
A: I have an 18 foot Venture with a 150HP Johnson motor. I use Eagle fish finders and have a Motor Guide trolling motor.

Q: What's your favorite rod and reel combination?
A: I prefer Quantum reels on 7 foot Castaway rods. I only use P-Line, 6 pound test to 20 pound test depending on the method of fishing, the location and the time of year. I probably have 15 to 20 rod and reels. And I use only Gamakatsu hooks.

Q: What is your favorite fishing lure?
A: Spinnerbait

Q: What's your favorite worms and how do you fish them?
A: I like to flip and pitch structure and heavy cover. I use Zoom brand worms, like the Ole Monster, Trick Worms and Finesse Worms. My best colors are Green Pumpkin, Black, Watermellon and Junebug. I like to fish them Texas rigged or Florida rigged, with a Gambler 3/16 oz bullet weight.

Q: How many bass tournaments have you fished in?
A: 100's

Q: How many have you won?
A: Too many to remember and I have actually lost count.

Q: What's you largest bass to date and how did you catch him?
A: I caught a 10-3/4 pounder in a Greene County farm pond using a jig and pig.

Q: What's your largest bass caught on Lake Oconee?
A: 7 pounds.

Q: What was your most successful bass tournament winning weights?
A: The most weight from a five fish limit ever - 24.69 pounds for 5 fish was from a 3 hour Jackson Lake tournament in June 2001 and a 23.22 pound 5 fish limit from Oconee in March 2000.

Q: What's your favorite time to fish on Oconee?
A: February through April.

Q: What do you recommend that someone can do to improve themeselves and become better bass fisherman?
A: Spend lots of time on the water and learn something with every cast.

Aaron is available as a guide on Lake Oconee for a limited number of bass fishing trips each season. When you are out with Aaron for a day on Oconee, you will learn the proper techniques to use, which lures to use and he might even show you a secret fishing spot or two.

Contact Aaron directly if you are interested in a trip out on Lake Oconee. Phone: (770) 787-1813 or click here to send your request by e-mail.

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